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Items used as described:

ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 000 -

000.6 $ 12.00Triangle Arkansas Slip
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 019 - Material lots and small cases/cabinets

019.239 $ 10.00bag lot of misc parts and tools (Quantity 5)
019.830 $ 9.00Ladies watch strap lot, 8 different, new, old stock, asst sizes, colors grains, materials, etc. The pictures shows one sample lot only, each lot is different. (Quantity 2)
019.899 $ 7.00Bulk assts of ww parts, 6 small bottles, seperated, diff parts in each.
019.1057 $ 10.00Timing washer assortment, 12 bottle case, p&i, ww from 6 3/4 to 10.5 ligne sizes, stock in every bottle.
019.1206 $ 6.00Acon Assortment #84, Specialty spring bars for center catches and cases, well stocked 12 bottle case, p&i. All stainless steel. (Quantity 3)
019.1318 $ 6.00Timing washer asst, 12 bottle case, p&i, ww from baguette to 6 1/2 ligne sizes, well stocked. (Quantity 4)
019.1423 $ 7.00Vintage ww stem assortment for bagutte ladies models, Gruen, Bulova, ETA, and more, 12 bottle case, p&i, approx. 40 pc.
019.1442 $ 5.00Nickel (silver color) sweep second hands, package of 100 pc., nos, Swiss, hole .22mm and length is 15mm. (Quantity 12)
019.1457 $ 6.00Balances complete for modern Swiss ww, 3 different, nos, p&i, brands may include Font, AS and others.Only $2. each. (Quantity 5)
019.1518 $ 8.0030 name brand Automatic bridles for Swiss mainsprings, white alloy, many brands, size on each package, new, clean stock in original envelopes. Includes Rolex Omega, Movado and others. (Quantity 2)
019.1520 $ 9.00Lot of 6x7.5x24 White alloy mainsprings, 6 pc, nos. (Quantity 6)
019.1523 $ 3.00Dial washers, nos, Marshall, p&i, tripod style, one gross each of 2 1/2 mm and 5 1/2 mm sizes. (Quantity 11)
019.1539 $ 4.00Clutch lever spring lot, 36 pkgs, ww, mostly popular vintage Swiss models, one to 3 parts per pkg, p&i with factory caliber and/or Marshall part number, NOS. (Quantity 2)
019.1548 $ 7.00KK Stem assortment for vintage baguette size ww, 12 container case with approx. 40 pc., p&i, older models.
019.1568 $ 8.00White alloy mainsprings, 3x12x9.5 , 6 pkg., nos, p&i. (Quantity 6)
019.1618 $ 3.00Bulk lot of ww cannon pinions for vintage Swiss ww, 3 dozen, nos, Swartchild #90271. (Quantity 2)
019.1619 $ 3.00Swartchild No. 90275 bulk assortment of 6 dozen stems for Roskopf (Pin Lever) wrist watches, Swiss, NOS. (Quantity 4)
019.1625 $ 9.00Ten pieces of 6x13x10.5 White alloy mainspring, nos, p&i. (Quantity 6)
019.1641 $ 3.00Vintage ww balance staffs, 4 dz. assorted, bulk packed, no id.
019.1658 $ 3.00Font 120 stem kit with 20 or more stems, seperated into tap 10 and tap 7 models. Many should have the full 12 pc. of each, priced to sell. There fit other models as well, very Popular.. (Quantity 21)
019.1680 $ 20.00Bergeon No. 10017 assortment of pivoted cylinders, without seat, for wrist watches, 10 pc. bulk assortment, NEW, p&i.
019.1796 $ 4.00Movement rings for gents ww, most are metal, approx. 20 pc., good used, vast majority are rounds. (Quantity 2)
019.1798 $ 5.00Movement rings for gents ww with a few ladies, most are metal, approx. 25 pc., good used, vast majority are rounds. Picture shows a sample lot, each lot is different. (Quantity 5)
019.1992 $ 8.00Bestfit waterproof pendant post (case tube) assortmrnts, p&i, one asst each of 2.5mm o.d. and 2.0mm o.d.
019.2029 $ 8.00Acon #1016 Assortment of extra thin spring bars in 10 bottle case with one bottle missing, p&i, nearly 180 pc. in sizes from 1/4 inch to 13/16 inches, clean stock.
019.2087 $ 7.00Font 59 parts assortment in genuine Ebauches packages with interchange information, 15 packages, includes winding and setting parts and an escape wheel, nos, p&i.
019.2100 $ 5.00Fitrite Spring Bar Assortment, boxed with 10 bottles, approx. 70-80 pieces, p&i, nm, for small specialty and embraceable type ww, p&i with diameter and length.
019.2104 $ 10.00Balance complete lot, 6 different, vintage, new in packages, Marshall packages which requires a Marshall series catalog (Handy Manual) but some have calibers also. Inclures an H.Sandoz 520 also fora total of 7 balances complete. (Quantity 5)
019.2105 $ 3.00Tension rings for waterproof cases, many different sizes, assortment of 24 pieces minimum, new, old stock, almost all are gents sizes. (Quantity 11)
019.2106 $ 4.00Tap 9 stem extenders, 2 dozen, nos.
019.2119 $ 12.00Vantage direct read parts lot, one parts assortment and 12 each of hour, minutes and seconds discs for these Kasper 1455 movements. Many of the parts also fit Kasper (German) 1451 to 1455 calibers. (Quantity 3)
019.2143 $ 5.00Show case lock for those with sliding glass doors, vgc with 2 keys.
019.2196 $ 8.00Vintage ww balance staff and stem assortment in box with 24 capsules, some Swiss pw also, p&i.
019.2329 $ 3.00Negative cell contacts, nos, hundreds, one style, not sure what they fit. (Quantity 4)
019.2330 $ 15.00Watch strap buckles and parts, mostly nos, ww, mostly yellow and a few steel, everything from complete units to individual parts for them, nearly 100 pc. per lot.
019.2331 $ 4.00Plastic material boxes, empty of contents, well made, with 23 containers, approx. 11x5x1 inches, vgc, clear top. Picture is of a smilar box, but these are empty. (Quantity 8)
019.2376 $ 9.00Vintage ww balance staffs, 55 pkgs., Marshall packages, good brands, need Handy Manual to id, nos, p&i with Marshall staff numbers. (Quantity 9)
019.2390 $ 6.00Nice 7 inch x 4 1/2 inch partitioned plastic case loaded with parts for 10 1/2 ligne Amida 530 watch movement, parts are nos.
019.2443 $ 12.00Special- 5 DOZEN Felsa 4000 balance staffs, shock, for 3 arm balance, Ebauche pkgs, nos, also fits grades 4000N, 4002, 4004, 4005, 4005N, 4006N, 4007, 4007N, 4008, 4009, 4010, 4010N, 4012, 4014, 4015, 4015N, 4017, 4017N, 40118, 40119, 4031, 4032, 4033 and 4034.
019.2466 $ 3.00Newall wp case tube assortment in 10 bottle plastic case, p&i, smaller sizes for quartz cases, 12 pc., clean stock.
019.2479 $ 8.00Abrasive wheel lot with one rubber wheel with notches, nearly 7 inches across and one medium grit stone wheel, 4 inch diameter.
019.2517 $ 5.00Bulova balance staff lot, at least 6 pkgs of Swiss staffs for Bulova models, 1 to 12 pc per pkg possible, p&i. (Quantity 3)
019.2520 $ 4.00Bulk lot of Swiss stems, mostly ww, some pwsizes likely also, a few may have slight storage rust, 200+ pieces, nos from closed Swiss factories. (Quantity 15)
019.2548 $ 8.00Yellow 10K gold filled watch cord bracelet clasp with two clamps for the upper cord, xlnt, top quality.
019.2551 $ 36.00Bestfit Spring Bar System #ZX-495 with 36 plastic bottles in snap case, 6 are empty and the rest have very good amount of stock, includes, thin, curved, regular, bracelet clasp type and female, p&i for the most part, very clean.
019.2563 $ 24.00ETA 279 and 979 series quartz movement lot, partial to complete, approx 18 pieces in various stages and lots of loose parts. High grade names on some.
019.2574 $ 8.00Plastic case with center clasps, spring bars and safety chains for Seiko and Pulsar bracelets, at least 10 clasps and good amount of the other things, nm/nos.
019.2576 $ 5.00Bestfit Spring Bar Assortment No. 496, Midget Benrus style for embraceable type watch cases of many brnds, 10 bottle case, p&i. Well stocked with approx. 70+ bars. (Quantity 2)
019.2627 $ 4.00Vigor MMS40 pillar case screws ww, bulk, nos,144 pc., boxed
019.2657 $ 3.00Vigor S-33 of Maltese cross screws, ww, bulk, nos, 144 pc., Swiss, boxed.
019.2697 $ 14.00Vigor No. CA 1317 pewter casting metal, half rounds, one pound, nos, p&i.
019.2707 $ 12.00Spring bar assortment, 24 bottles, about 8 are empty and the rest are well stocked, straight, double flange, stainless steel, p&i.
019.2732 $ 8.00Black cord ladies ww bracelet with yellow gold filled fittings, nos. (Quantity 3)
019.2734 $ 9.00Small diamonds in ladies watch cases, use for replacements, etc, 12 mounted diamonds per lot. (Quantity 3)
019.2763 $ 9.00Spring wire large amount of brass and good amount of steel, see picture.
019.2780 $ 3.00Tap 10 male stem converters, for changing a regular stem into a male one, 3.40mm, 1 dozen, nos. (Quantity 3)
019.2809 $ 6.00Newall No. 344 Timing washer assortment, 12 bottle case, p&i, ww from 6 3/4 to 10.5 ligne sizes, well stocked in every bottle.
019.2820 $ 15.00Assorted wristwatch stems, staffs and a few crowns in 72 bottle case, many are good brands such as Longines, Gruen, etc., approx 24 bottles are empty, p&i with chart.
019.2825 $ 8.00Brass spring wire, large spool, B&S , nearly one ounce on wooden spool, old quality USA made.26 gauge
019.2856 $ 9.00Movement rings for gents wristwatches with a few ladies, most are metal, at least 50 pieces, good used, vast majority are rounds. Picture shows a sample of contents and there are other styles and sizes not shown.
019.2861 $ 9.00Hairspring studs and collets, large lot with 10 packages of each, up to 100 pc. per package, Swiss with some identification, most or all wristwatch sizes. (Quantity 4)
019.2893 $ 5.00Quick Fit Swiss system balance staffs, 40 envelopes, one piece per envelope, for popular Swiss wristwates, has QF number and caliber on the envelopes.
019.2915 $ 12.00Quick-Fit balance timing washer assortment No. 9 for wristwatches from 3 3/4 ligne to 10 1/2 ligne, 22 bottle snap case with inventory is 21 of the bottles, p&i.
019.2926 $ 8.00Black Nylon cord for cord bracelets, 2 partial spools, approx. 5 yards total.
019.2932 $ 9.00Zantech push buttons for digital watches, p&i with Zantech numbers, 14 packages, at least 18 push buttons, new, old stock.
019.2935 $ 18.00Large Bulk lot of mostly hour wheels and some minute wheels, ww and pw sizes, good used and nos, see picture.
019.2939 $ 5.00Round flat case back gaslets, mixed brands, p&i in envelopes, boxed.
019.2943 $ 5.00Stems, 20+ packages ww models, some packages have multiple stems, p&i.
019.2944 $ 4.00Plastic cases for parts/movements/sorting etc, vgc to near mint, 3 pieces. Picture shows the 2 lots. (Quantity 2)
019.2951 $ 9.00Small safety chains for ladies writwatch bracelets, 6 yellow and 2 white, new, never used.
019.2973 $ 4.00Trufit Swiss balance staffs and winding stems, popular Swiss ww models, 6 packages with 3 pieces per pkg of Sataffs and stems for 36 pc. total, nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
019.2974 $ 8.00Yellow center clasps with safety chains for Seiko style solid bracelets, NEW in packages, 3 each of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm widths, yellow plated stainless steel.
019.2975 $ 6.00Watch clasps and parts assortment, all are yellow metal, 2 are 7mm center clasps for solid watch bracelts, one clasp with safety chain for your cord bracelet and some safety chain hooks and eye screws for link bracelets, all new, old stock.
019.2982 $ 7.00Plastic movement holders/rings for adapting quartz ww movements to vintage cases, many can be trimmed to fit, 30 pc., nos. Also includes some Seiko movenet rings
019.2983 $ 12.00Tissot 11.7 materials lot, looks like about 100 parts, most nos, balances, staffs, wheels and lots more.
019.2985 $ 4.00Ferris Pearl Cement, near mint in box, old quality.
019.2986 $ 4.00Double shoulder spring bars, 5/8 inch, nos package of 100 pieces, p&i.
019.2999 $ 6.00Stems for older model baguette type wristwatches, 12 section case with 3 empty containers and 2 or 3 pieces in the rest, Gruen, Bulova, Eta and more, p&i.
019.3000 $ 12.00Very old assortment of 10 1/2 ligne gents strap watch balance staffs, 10 capsules have staffs for old Benrus, Bulova, Eterna, Schield and others, p&i, boxed.
019.3008 $ 5.00Eleven packages of wristwatch balance staffs, p&i, good mix.
019.3013 $ 5.00Pop rivets, large bulk lot with many different styles.
019.3024 $ 2.00Elson soft solder, old stock package, never used.
019.3026 $ 8.00Waterproof case tubes, pendant post, bulk assortment, looks like 100 plus of them, nos, ww.
019.3029 $ 15.00Wristwatch set bridge (yoke) assortment in 36 bottle case, vintage Swiss models, between 100 to 200 yokes estimated, 4 bottles are empty, caliber is on bottle in most cases.
019.3030 $ 10.00Nylon Bracelet Watch Cord assortment with 4 different colors, boxed, bestfit, as shown in picture, lots of cord.
019.3040 $ 6.00Bracelet parts lot, 15 yellow eye bolt screws, 4 yellow bracelet screws, one lower clasp part and 3 yellow safety chains and one white safety chain, all are new.
019.3049 $ 4.00Male stem posts, 24 pieces, Tap 8, 1.10mm long, for crown side, Swiss made, new, p&i. (Quantity 2)
019.3052 $ 20.00Bushings for small clocks, etc., 2 bottles, nos, one bottle has 3.05mm diameter and 1.20mm thick, the other has 2.95mm o.d. and 1.87mm thick, about 150 or more total bushings.
019.3066 $ 5.00Balance staffs bulk lot of 100+ pieces, wristwatch sizes, Swiss. (Quantity 2)
019.3070 $ 4.00Wristwatch screws, bulk lot, approx 150 pc., new, old stock, very clean. (Quantity 2)
019.3080 $ 14.00Newall Extra Thin Spring Bar assortment, 10 bottle case, sizes from 1/4 inch to 13/16 inch, stainless steel, top quality, good stock.
019.3085 $ 7.00Waterproof case tubes (pendant posts), bulk lot if about 70 or so, new condition. (Quantity 2)
019.3100 $ 11.00Vintage Spring Bar assortment in 24 bottle snap case, p&i, 23 different bottles have different types/sizes, good quality, clean stock, one bottle is empty.
019.3107 $ 12.00Spring Bar assortment, near mint, well stocked, single shoulder for watch strap buckles, 10 bottles, sizes from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inches long, boxed with chart.
019.3115 $ 12.00Hasting Dove Grey all Nylon bracelet watch cord, almost full 25 yard roll, near mint.
019.3126 $ 5.00Bulk lot of plate 1/2 head dial screws for older wrist watches, 100+ pieces, new, NOT the side type.
019.3138 $ 14.00American wristwatch parts lot from closed material house. 20+ packages, mostly stems, some barrel arbors and a few others for Illinois, Waltham, Elgin and Hampden, all for wristwatch sizes.
019.3142 $ 7.00Dial foot screws, the old types which screw into the pillar plate, large selection, some have slight storage blemishes., about 100 or so.
019.3159 $ 7.00Swiss wristwatch crown wheel screws, one package each for left hand and right hand threads, up to 144 pc. per package, nos, p&i.
019.3167 $ 15.00Shockproof balance jewels in settings complete with all parts assembled, 12 pieces, bulk lot, includes Incabloc, KIF and more, new condition and ready to install. (Quantity 3)
019.3173 $ 18.00Wristwatch parts in 72 bottle case, mostly stems and staffs, muchof it has identification, well stocked.
019.3174 $ 12.00Bestfit 2.50 mm waterproof case tube assortment, 12 sections with 1 to 5 pieces per section, near mint condition.
019.3175 $ 10.00Bestfit assortment #400B of 3 arm shock springs in 12 section case, one spot is emty and the rest have inventory. These are for German models such as Kienzel, Junghans, etc, all factories are stated on label and identified.
019.3182 $ 6.00Cas-Ker Asst #4001 of ladies link band clasps for use without screw, 3mm to 6mm sizes, 13 clasps, new.
019.3183 $ 6.00Cas-Ker Asst #2001 of ladies link band clasps for use with screw, 2 mm to 5mm sizes, 13 clasps, new.
019.3186 $ 4.00IWC Micro Fibre cleaning cloth in original International Watch Company package, picture shows one open and one closed, sold by each, near mint. Washable. (Quantity 5)
019.3192 $ 21.00Trufit balance staff 36 bottle case with Swiss stems for American movements. There are 13 bottles remaining with inventory, most with 3 staffs, all are for Hamilton wristwatch models as shown on the chart with the case. The foam used to keep the staffs stabilized sticks a little to the staffs. A dip in alcohol will quickly fix that, they are all new condition.
019.3193 $ 15.00Incabloc and other Complete Shockproof units complete, 12 units, near mint & new condition which include the mounting unit, hole and cap jewels and shock spring, all assembled. The picture is the actual lot.
019.3197 $ 5.00Safety Rollers, 6 pieces, not sure what they fit, 1.6mm shoulder, 0.6mm small safety roller diameter and 1mm condition. (Quantity 4)
019.3201 $ 24.00Large 96 bottle snap case with Swiss Factory stems and balance staffs in many of the bottles, has good chart with factories and calibers, some is high grade also.
019.3202 $ 12.00Swiss wristwatch parts in a 48 bottle snap case, brands include Bulova, ETA, Benrus, AS and more, lots of wheels and some other parts, a few bottles have come rusted parts. Some bottles are empty.
019.3203 $ 15.00Balance staff case with vintage Bulova, Gruen and AS Swiss, clean stock, case is worn out, good chart for the bottles, over 100 staffs, many good models, includes Gruen Curvex plus more.
019.3209 $ 5.00HR bulk lot of 100 plus regulator keys for wrist watches, new condition. (Quantity 2)
019.3213 $ 5.00Bulk lot of wrist watch Round click springs, 144 pieces, new in package.
019.3222 $ 32.00Bestfit American balance hole jewel assortment in 72 bottle case, 32 jewels remain for 12 size to wristwatch sizes, popular models.
019.3226 $ 12.00Large bulk lot of balance staffs fro small to nearly 7mm long, new, no identification.
019.3228 $ 15.00Click springs lot, wrist watch sizes, bulk assortment, up to 144 or more, mixed shapes and sizes.
019.3231 $ 3.00Archer Solder wick, nearly 5 feet (guess), in container, soaks up surplus.
019.3240 $ 10.00Pushers for vintage wrist watches, Bestfit 500B/658A and 500B/827A, one old styyle flat chronograph pusher and one push button insert for date or other uses, both are steel, new.
019.3241 $ 18.00Jaquet Timer parts lot, the parts are new from old stock except for the larger wheels,which have some suface rust,not sure of the model
019.3260 $ 18.00Case screws, lot of 40 screws for larger wristwatches and 0 size and other pocket watch sizes, 3 different styles, all are nearly the same size. Most are Near mint or new condition. Most are Elginold number 1594.
019.3263 $ 15.00Large bulk lot of winding pinions, mostly wristwatch with some pocket watch also, no identification, looks likeclose to 100 possible.
019.3265 $ 11.00Bulk lot of assorted screws, most for wristwatches, bulk assortment, new and used.
019.3272 $ 15.00Bulk screw assortment for wrist and some pocket watches, also includes 2 small bottles with balance wheel screws and 5 other bottles.
019.3290 $ 18.00Two black cord ladies watch straps with rolled gold plate white fixtures and safety chains, new, old stock.
019.3339 $ 7.00Bestfit boxed Asst. No. 88D with some male and female waterproof crown Necks, 9 bottles have parts.
019.3340 $ 18.00Parts lot with Hamilton 980 and 982 Pillar plates, bridges, some wheels, cocks and other parts as shown. Mostly Clean old stock, possibly from the factory when it closed. Picture shows a sample lot and each lot may vary somewhat. (Quantity 3)
019.3341 $ 10.00Drill Index case with 16 tiny drill bits, very good used condition.
019.3342 $ 20.00Bestfit No. 9C2 Wristwatch stems assortment, 72 bottles, most have a stem or stems, Factories include Bulova, A. Schild, Benrus, Gruen, ETA, Font, Peseaux and more, complete in snap case with chart.
019.3345 $ 15.00Wire assortment with some brass and Nickel Silver wire and 3 rolls of brass and steel wores, used as shown.
019.3347 $ 15.00Swiss Balance Staffs, nearly 144 staffs foe Swiss made watches, bulk lot. New condition.
019.3350 $ 15.00Newall 36 bottle snap case with waterproof case tubes in most bottles, has a chart, good quality.53 tubes, clean stock.
019.3361 $ 6.00Bestfit new package of 144 wrist watch ratchet wheel right hand screws, new in sealed packaging, Swiss made.
019.3362 $ 14.00American Balance jewels with settings bulk lot of 12 assorted jewels, priced to sell, new and new old stock. Some cap jewels possible also. (Quantity 3)
019.3363 $ 10.00Small assortment of wristwatch timing washers in box with size chart.
019.3366 $ 9.00Bestfit waterproof pendant posts (case tubes), 24 pieces in package iwth size chart on the back.
019.3367 $ 7.00Small assortment of stems and tubes for reversible type cases, used.
019.3369 $ 6.00Blue steel wire in wooden tube, 9 pieses, light surface rust.
019.3371 $ 5.00Box with around 100 stud screws for wristwatches, bulk package.
019.3372 $ 4.00Small bottle full of new soft round soft Suabs, new, Good for rubbing off finger prints, smudges, etc.
019.3373 $ 20.00Fitrite Wristwatch stems assortment in 72 bottle case, full chart for identification of the stems, 100 plus stems for popular Swiss models.
019.3380 $ 15.00Vintage Bulova parts case with 33 bottles, 25 bottles have parts. Some parts have surface rust. hard case with chart of bottles from Bulova 3AL to 17AE. Priced to sell.
019.3381 $ 10.00Set bridges (yokes) lot of 14 different for Swiss wrist watches, new, old stock, in packages.
019.3383 $ 8.00Large lot of assorted watch screws, many types and sizes, hundreds of them.
019.3389 $ 8.0015 Tap 8 male crown necks for outside snapping into your female.
019.3390 $ 36.00Very Nice Trufit balance staffs for Swiss Watches in 48 bottle clean hard case with lots of identification and interchange information on the large chart provided in the case. 7 Bottles are empty but the rest have staffs in them, more than 100 staffs, clean stock.
019.3393 $ 12.00Large lot of Vintage Optical screws of many sizes, 5 packages assorted.
019.3394 $ 8.00Timing washer assortment, 12 bottle case, p&i, ww from 6 3/4 to 10.5 ligne sizes, stock in every bottle.
019.3395 $ 18.00Bottle case, 13 bottles have stock, includes stems and balance staffs for Elgin, Hamilton, and Waltham.
019.3396 $ 6.00Bulk lot of round click springs for wrist watches, approx 100 pc.
019.3398 $ 10.00Jewels lot, 14 pieces, some cap jewels and some hole jewels in settings, no identification.
019.3401 $ 5.0012 male posts with good length of 0.90 mm threads, new in package.
019.3402 $ 9.00Pocket watch movement rings, 1 dozen assorted, mostly 18s to 12s with some down to 0s possible, very good used conditon. (Quantity 2)
019.3404 $ 12.00Mix of 20 good Swiss parts in marked packages with 1 to 3 parts in each, Stems, staffs, and much more,
019.3406 $ 8.00Lot of wristwatch click springs and Set Lever Springs, approx. 100 ot least, Kave 2 in stock. (Quantity 2)
019.3407 $ 39.00Boxed Timing Washer assortmen for Swiss and American Watches, 36 bottles, from Baguette to Pocket sizes.
019.3408 $ 75.00Marshall Mainspring Winder set with 6 different sizes for filling, also has 2 crank winders of the set, good used condition.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 020 - Material cabinets, larger steel and wood

020.300 $ 45.00Bestfit Crowns cabinet with nearly 200 crowns (estmate), lots of yellow gold filled ones, some Pocket watch crowns, some bottles empty. Includes 2 double sided charts and the cabinet the drawer fits into.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 021 - Crystal Lots

021.68 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 pc, 1 of each size in 13L range, hunting case, approx. 29.3 to 31.4mm sizes, assorted mixed heights, nos. (Quantity 9)
021.161 $ 7.00Glass fancy shape pw crystals, lot of 4 different, nos but dirty, three have their BB labels with size.
021.222 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 diff, 15 ligne, hunting case types, 33.8mm to 36mm sizes, 1 of each size, assorted heights likely, nos.
021.224 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 pc, 1 of each size in 11L range, hunting case, 24.8 to 26.9mm size range, height 7, nos, identified to size and height. (Quantity 3)
021.225 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 pc, 1 of each size in 11L range, hunting case, 24.8 to 26.9mm size range, heights 7 or 8, mixed, nos, identified to size and height. (Quantity 2)
021.226 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 pc, 1 of each size in 13L range, hunting case, approx. 29.3 to 31.4mm sizes, all height 5, nos. (Quantity 3)
021.227 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 pc, 1 of each size in 13L range, hunting case, approx. 29.3 to 31.4mm sizes, all height 6, nos. (Quantity 4)
021.228 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 pc, 1 of each size in 13L range, hunting case, approx. 29.3 to 31.4mm sizes, all height 7, nos. (Quantity 4)
021.229 $ 24.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 pc, 1 of each size in 13L range, hunting case, approx. 29.3 to 31.4mm sizes, all height 8, nos. (Quantity 6)
021.291 $ 32.00Pocket watch Crystals, Glass, 16 different, 15 ligne, open face types, 33.8mm to 36mm sizes, 1 of each size, p&i, nos. (Quantity 2)
021.311 $ 18.00Assymetric fancy crystals for Hamilton, 8 different, nos, p&i, 3 are for Hamilton electrics and the others fror vintage mechanicals, all have pkgs with part numbers and model names, G-S brand plastic. (Quantity 2)
021.364 $ 12.00G-S cylinder watch crystal, fancy shapes (no rounds), nos, p&i, assortment of 100 pc., mostly the style without sidewalls but with some cylinder types with side walls possible, top quality. (Quantity 12)
021.379 $ 9.00G-S DG LED round crystal lot, red, 35 pc. sizes from 17.7 to 33mm are possible, nos, p&i, clean stock.
021.407 $ 12.00Glass crystals, ww, nos, 100 pc + asstorted, fancy shaped types with and without sidewalls plus possibly a few rounds, P&I, quality brands, ALL are ladies, for watches from circa 1925 to 1970. (Quantity 3)
021.432 $ 6.00Red Round LED watch crystals, Stella brand, clean, nos, p&i, 27 crystals between the sizes of 24.0mm to 33.4mm.
021.435 $ 6.00G-S clear plastic for making flat crystals, .063 inches thick, 5x3 inch sheet, plus a couple of crystals made this way.
021.448 $ 7.00Fancy Crystals for Hamilton Pocket watch, one is glass and the other is G-S No. LF360, 35.9x36.4mm, both are new from old stock.
021.451 $ 32.00Lot of 12 Zodiac crystals, new with factory number on most, some duplicates, priced to sell.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 038 - Factory genuine material lots

038.13 $ 8.00Rolex 3035 cannon pinions, new from old stock, 4 parts per package. (Quantity 16)
038.156 $ 4.00Bulova genuine crystal asst for square wp ww, 3 diff., genuine, p&i, complete w/gaskets.
038.350 $ 24.00Waltham mainspring lot, wrist watch sizes, 15 pc. lot, genuine and generic, blue steel, p&i, 6 different calibers represented, great buy.
038.381 $ 9.00Elgin Balance hole jewels in setting for pocket and wrist sizes, at least 9 pc, at least 4 are for pocket wtches, bulk, nos.
038.406 $ 6.00Elgin wristwatch parts assortment, p&i, genuine pkgs, 30 pkg, fresh, good mix, staffs and stems, winding parts, etc. are possible but each lot is different, includes genuine and Swartchild pkgs and others, American and Imported models, most p&i, nos. (Quantity 4)
038.413 $ 12.00Elgin 711 stems, 12 pc., fits grades 711 thru 719 and 721, 724, and 730, nos. (Quantity 4)
038.415 $ 12.00Elgin 700 stems, 12 pc., fits related models also, nos, genuine, p&i, also fits grades 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 740, 742, 743, 744, W803. (Quantity 8)
038.418 $ 6.00Waltham fourth wheel assortment for vintage USA model ww movements, 4 different calibers, nos, p&i, from a closed material house. (Quantity 3)
038.426 $ 5.00Clebar/Titus factory crowns, signed, #762965, 3 pc., steel, waterproof, 5mm o.d., 2.50mm opening, nos.
038.428 $ 9.00Elgin signed crowns, assorted dress types, ladies and gents, 10 pc., 6 white and 4 yellow, many of the white are the same, nos. (Quantity 4)
038.441 $ 4.00Elgin wristwatch parts assortment, ALL for Imported models, p&i, genuine pkgs, 25 pkg, fresh, good mix, mainsprings, staffs and stems, winding parts, etc. are possible for French, Swiss, Japanese and other models,each lot is different, nos. (Quantity 5)
038.452 $ 10.00Enicar signed NOS ww crowns, lot of 15 pc., waterproof, dustproof and dress types are likely, each lot is different, includes gents and ladies sizes. Picture is a sample, every lot is different. (Quantity 9)
038.453 $ 18.00One lot of Cannon Pinions to fit Rolex caliber 3035 movements, 25 pieces per lot, new, never used. The height is 2.85mm. We have no affiiation with Rolex and the brand name is used only to describe the pre-owned items we are selling.
038.454 $ 8.00Generic made Swiss stems for Rolex 3135, 6 pieces, New. These are Swiss made generic copies and are not made by Rolex. We have no affiliation with Rolex and only use the word Rolex to describe the model these parts fit. (Quantity 7)
038.461 $ 12.00International Watch Co. genuine mainsprings, 22 pkg, most are blue steel, some are un-wound from holders, p&i.
038.469 $ 29.00Swiss made Bulova stem assortment, 36 bottle case, p&i, well stocked, 4 bottles are empty, 4 ligne to 17 ligne sizes, approx. 100 pc. total.
038.479 $ 9.00Zodiac signed dress case spring dustproof crowns, ladies ww sizes, 4 yellow and 2 steel, nos. (Quantity 5)
038.538 $ 6.00Six Hamilton 987A and 987S barrel assembly complete with barrel with cap #115202 and arbor #101203, nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
038.540 $ 25.00Enicar signed NOS ww crowns, lot of 50 pc., waterproof, dustproof and dress types are likely, each lot is different, gents, ladies.
038.556 $ 8.00Great Buy! Elgin movement parts for USA ww models, from a closed supplier, 24 envelopes with caliber and part number, bulk packed, most envelopes have lots of pieces, 90% is very clean nos, the rest may have storage blemishes/rust.
038.616 $ 6.00Vintage model Bulova balance staff assortment, part #56, 11 packages, 0 to one duplicates possible, genuine, nos, p&i.
038.634 $ 12.00Waltham mainspring barrels, the part that holds the spring, bulk lot of 23 pieces, at least 6 are pw sizes and the rest are ww, vg used to nm. Picture shows one lot of the 3 lots avaialable when listed.
038.659 $ 12.00Elgin 16s train wheel lot, nos, includes center wheel, third wheel, fourth wheel and escape wheel, most or all fro grades 571 to 575. (Quantity 2)
038.671 $ 39.00ETA 6497 repair parts lot, nm/nos, as shown in picture, 2 balance wheels with rollers, not sprung, Barrel bridge, train bridge without jewels. center wheel, fourth wheel, 2 escape wheels, 2 pallets, one with broken pivot, barrel complete, pallet bridge, lots of setting parts, etc.
038.672 $ 12.00Bulova parts lot with 8 different stems and staffs, each lpackage in the bag is in genuine Bulova parts bags with identification. We have 3 bags at $12. each. (Quantity 3)
038.673 $ 7.00Gruen Genuine #319 signed pocket watch round glass crystal, 37.37mm diameter, open face, nos. (Quantity 2)
038.674 $ 7.00Gruen Genuine #444 signed pocket watch round glass crystal, 40mm diameter, open face, nos. (Quantity 3)
038.689 $ 15.00Longines 9LT and 9L parts assortment from used movements, about 100 or so parts, bulk.
038.696 $ 15.00Elgin mainspring barrel lot with bulk lot including complete barrel(s), some with white alloy mainsprings and some blue steel, barrel abors from 18s to smaller, barrel caps and partials. Picture shows a sample lot, all lots are similar but slightly different and have more parts than the picture shows. (Quantity 4)
038.699 $ 16.00Waltham genuine wristwatch oversize winding arbors (stems) assortment, 6 bottles with 2 or 3 stems per bottle, new, boxed with chart.
038.703 $ 19.00Genuine Elgin Assortment of balance timing screws for 5/0 size, 6 factory tins, each tin contents is a different weight. For truing balances. Includes Factory tin holding the small tins.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 053 - Clock parts and movements

053.34 $ 2.00Barrel arbors for Hermle clocks, 3 pc, each p&i. These are 57.20mm long, 73.00mm long and 52.40mm long, 3 different arbors, No19956, 17484 and 15955, not sure whose catalog numbers those are.
053.147 $ 4.00Seth Thomas part #17376, escape wheel, nos, complete with pinion, fits all platforms with 4 screws, including 5160, 5161A, 5164, 5164A, 5180, 5181, 5184 and 5186.
053.157 $ 4.00Clock mainspring, HR, nos, p&i, 15/32x.012x53 inches, hole end.
053.170 $ 10.00Jaeger 8 Day clock dial, black with white arabic numerals, approx. 65mm o.d., mounting holes inside the minute track at 3 and 9, vgc, scratch mark on dial is not pronounced at most angles.
053.179 $ 8.00Seth Thomas A919-113 balance complete, German, nos. (Quantity 3)
053.209 $ 12.00Three 8 Day Clock dials, 2 pair of hands also, used, The larger square one is about 63mm square, the round one is about 52mm o.d., and the small one is 42 inches square.
053.210 $ 8.00Small clock glasses, mostly square types, some round, most nos, small bag lot.
053.222 $ 5.00Clock mainspring, Vigor #T-340.1, 25x3x23.5, nos, p&i, French made.
053.236 $ 6.00Brass clock keys, single ended, 5 pc., each is a different size, nos/nm/xlnt.
053.262 $ 3.00Ingraham 48 escape wheel, brass, nos, fits front or back models, p&i.
053.283 $ 3.00Cuckoo clock Roman numeral marker assortment, white, never used.
053.284 $ 4.00Clock C clamps for mainsprings, 8 pieces with mix of sizes. Picture is a sample of one batch, each lot is a little different. (Quantity 3)
053.288 $ 60.00Barometer case, Red brass, possibly for Chelsea, 3 7/8 inch opening under screw off bezel,3 1/4 inches deep, bezel is 4 3/4 inches across, #1046 stamped on the back, attractive with a few scratches around the outer edge of the bezel.
053.461 $ 3.00Benrus BZ, Looping 44 clock mainspring, nos, p&i, blue steel.
053.464 $ 14.00Clock bushing wire in wooden case, brass, old quality, 12 assorted pieces in various sizes.
053.469 $ 5.00Wakmann Aircraft clock reset spring for type A-10A, Mil C-9194.
053.475 $ 18.00Semca X/60 used movement, balance appears to be good, missing dial, hands and hour wheel as far as I can tell.
053.478 $ 4.00Clock mainspring, Vigor #T-320/2, 23x00x22.5, Tongue end, nos, p&i, French made.
053.481 $ 12.00Large lot of clock related parts, screws, setting knobs, winding knobs, a verge and more.
053.483 $ 9.00Pendulum lot for American clocks, nos, one Sessions, one Ingraham and one unsigned, diameters are 1.5 inches. 3 pieces total.
053.488 $ 18.00Waterbury clock Co. movement, has all time parts but looks like there are some spots with missing parts.
053.490 $ 14.00Wakmann 8 Day Clock Dial, aircraft type, I think, vgc or better, approx. 47mm o.d..
053.491 $ 12.00Eight day 52mm o.d. clock movement, as shown in picture, approx 90% complete.
053.496 $ 24.00Large lot of battery clock movements and parts, some work and some may not, 2 are large with chimes. See pictures. Lots of hands, hangers, etc.
053.499 $ 19.00Cuckoo clock, missing some case pieces, movement is Cuckoo Clock MFG Co, , West Germany, has chains, bird and pendulum, I do not see any damage.
053.500 $ 16.00New England Clock Co movement, German made, used, looks complete, good for parts, restoration or pactice.
053.501 $ 12.00Round time only clock movement, hairspring is bent or sticky, 4.5 inch diameter, complete.
053.508 $ 5.00Spring steel for suspension springs and other uses, flat pieces of about 6x4 inches, 2 blue steel and one steel color, different thickness for each.
053.510 $ 5.00HR No. 73-102 Cukoo Clock chains, brass, nos, p&i.
053.516 $ 4.00Pendulum Bob for Ingraham clocks with the I on one side and a clock on the other, nos, HR No. 75-702, p&i
053.518 $ 18.00Vigor Clock bushing wire assortment #WR-600, old quality, French made, 12 pieces, 10 are full 3 inch length.
053.526 $ 5.00SandSteel Blue steel mainspring for small clock, 32x0x28, nos, p&i.
053.531 $ 7.00Clock keys, nos, German quality, 5 double end style keys for winding and regulating, includes some -HR #75-282 and some other HR numbers, nm/nos, identified on each key.
053.532 $ 10.00Clock keys, nos, German quality, 6 double end style keys for winding and regulating, includes some -HR #75-282 and 5 different other HR numbers, nm/nos, identified on each key. Puicture is a sample of key style, this lot has 6 pc.
053.535 $ 10.00Mainspring barrel complete #22021 for Waltham 22s model 22809-S-12 for a-11 8 day aircraft clock, very good used condition, no idea of the mainspring condition, did not open them, icludes, barrel, arbor, cap and mainspring. (Quantity 3)
053.536 $ 19.00Bergeon No.30093 brass friction clock bushings, Size B122, 4mm hole, 5mm height and 6mm outer diameter, package of 100 pieces at a bargain price, Genuine, new stock, p&i. (Quantity 2)
053.537 $ 7.00Clock keys, nos, German quality, 2 double end style keys for winding and regulating and 2 for winding only, includes one each of HR #75-282, 270, 271 and 286, nm/nos, identified on each key.
053.547 $ 18.00Clock hammer assortment with 6 each leather head and plastic heads, nos, p&i with your old LaRose Catalog.
053.557 $ 15.00Clock dial assortment for 8 day clocks, 5 pieces and two sets of hands, one Concord, one Angelus and 3 marked 8 Day, vgc. The Concord may be made of Silver.
053.558 $ 7.008 Day clock dial/enamel/porcelainwith 2 hands as shown, near mint dial, feet at 22 minutes and 55 minutes.
053.562 $ 21.00Detex Watchclock Dials #3924, large box full, looks like at least 100 or so, never used, p&i. Price is for the box and all contents. If you need or want less of them, I might sell some by themselves.
053.565 $ 5.00Bestfit Clock Mainspring #T470-1, regular end, blue steel, 38x0x48 (4.70mm x 0.25mm x 48 inch), nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
053.567 $ 5.00Bestfit Clock Mainspring #T350-3, regular end, blue steel, 26x2x48 (3.50mm x 0.22mm x 48 inch), nos, p&i. (Quantity 3)
053.570 $ 5.00Marco Swiss Mainspring for 8 Day Bulova 22B, watch/clock, blue steel, 32 x 3/0 x 24.5 (4.05mmx0.27mmx24.5 inches), new, tongue end, p&i. (Quantity 2)
053.571 $ 4.00Marco Swiss Mainspring for Imhof caliber 947, time side, blue steel, 33 x0 5x 15.5, 4.20mm x 0.25mm x15.5 inch, nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
053.573 $ 19.00Six total Westcox Big Ben and Baby Ben mainsprings for alarm side and time side, also includes one other mainspring that fits several other Westclox Alarms, Genuine, nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
053.578 $ 6.00Brass fancy clock hands, one pair hour and minutes, nos. Minute hand is 5.5 inches long from cetter of hole to the tip. Center hole is 2mm square for the minute hand and 4mm for the hour hand. (Quantity 3)
053.580 $ 8.00Grobet clock mainspring, old quality, new in box, No. 77.182, 11/16x.014x54 inches, hole end.
053.581 $ 6.00Swiza 24 ligne clock balance staff, for 8 day and 1 day models, 8.05mm long, new from old stock. (Quantity 4)
053.584 $ 7.00Large Bulk lot of new, 19 old stock clicks for clocks, with some rivets also, S. Larose pkg.
053.590 $ 5.00Europa 00 balance staffs, Bestfit # 100/1370, new. (Quantity 6)
053.591 $ 4.00Marco Swiss Mainspring for Imhof caliber 447, time side, blue steel, Dennison 21 x 7 x16, Metric 3.00 mm x 0.15mm x16 inch, new. (Quantity 2)
053.592 $ 4.00Marco Swiss Mainspring for Imhof caliber 447, Alarm side, blue steel, 2.85mm 0.13 mm x17.5 inches long, Dennison 19.5 x 9x (Quantity 2)
053.593 $ 4.00Bestfit Clock Mainspring #T190-2, regular end, blue steel, Dennison 10 x 2 x 48 (metric) 1.90 mm x 0.22 mm x 48 inch), nos, p&i. (Quantity 2)
053.594 $ 25.00Phinney-Walker 8 day movement with partial case, looks complete, see pictures. Approx 50mm outer diameter.
053.596 $ 5.00Baby Ben mainspring #3246 for alarm side, Genuine, blue steel in factory package.
053.598 $ 7.00Mauthe 42 clock mainspring, white alloy, new condition.
053.599 $ 7.00Semca caliber 21 small clock balance staffs, 2 piece, new condition.
053.600 $ 6.00Semca caliber 19 small clock balance staffs, 2 piece, new condition. (Quantity 5)
053.601 $ 7.00Arogno 22 mainsprings for alarm side, 3 pieces, blue steel, 8.5x9x16.5, new condition.
053.609 $ 6.00Vigor Clock Mainspring No. T22o/2, width 13, Strength 6 1/2, Length 17 1/2, Tongue end, new in package.
053.610 $ 6.00Blue steel mainspring for Enver-Rensie, Phinney-Walker V 7/8, HR Swiss, new in original package. (Quantity 2)
053.613 $ 8.00Semca caliber 48 clock balance staffs, 2 piece, new condition.
053.614 $ 10.00Eagle screw iin for your clock case, Eagle is 2 x2 3/4 inces, nearly new. (Quantity 2)
053.615 $ 21.0047 Brass clock hairsprings with collets, like new, Made in India.
053.616 $ 10.00Clicks and rivets for clocks, S. Larose package with lots of brass clicks and steel rivets, new condition.
053.618 $ 6.00Good Lot of Brass Tension Wire, B@S Gauge 23. New in package.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 199 - Crown lots

199.49 $ 12.00Bestfit asst of wp crown necks and a few crowns, 36 bottle case, p&i.
199.233 $ 5.00Stone crowns, New, 3mm, tap 10, dustproof, yellow with cabachon stone, 12 pc., great quality, Swiss made. (Quantity 4)
199.234 $ 15.00Stone crowns, New, 3mm, tap 10, dustproof, yellow with cabachon stone, 48 pc., great quality, Swiss made. (Quantity 6)
199.251 $ 9.00Backwind crown, yellow, 7.25mm od, 1.35mm thick at center, nos. (Quantity 6)
199.264 $ 8.00Elgin signed crowns, assorted dress types, ladies sizes, 12 pc., all yellow, nos, bulk. (Quantity 3)
199.273 $ 7.00Acon Assortment #75 of water resistant tap 11 and 12 crowns for quartz ww, 27 pieces, clean, p&i.
199.339 $ 5.00One yellow 5mm screw down crown with case tube, nos.
199.340 $ 5.00One yellow 4.33mm screw down crown with case tube, nos.
199.342 $ 8.00Elgin signed crowns, assorted dress types, ladies sizes, 12 pc., all white, nos, bulk. (Quantity 4)
199.372 $ 15.00Bestfit No. 810L Crown System, ww, 48 bottle case of Waterproof crowns, 20 bottles are empty, the rest are stocked with from one to 8 pieces per bottle, clean, well organized, p&i with chart.
199.395 $ 8.00Enicar signed NOS ww crowns, lot of 12 pc., waterproof, dustproof and dress types are likely, each lot is different, includes gents and ladies sizes. Picture is a sample, every lot is different. (Quantity 5)
199.396 $ 6.00Gotham signed yellow dress crowns, 5.50mm outer diameter, dress type with recess and medium post, nos, 7 pieces.
199.397 $ 9.00Elgin waterproof yellow signed crowns, 5 pieces, sizes drom 4.05mm to 4.80mm o.d. possible, nos, for hidden type crowns mostly.
199.405 $ 32.00Crown case with all yellow waterproof crowns in the 6 drawers, well stocked with very clean inventory, p&i with a chart in each drawer which shows specs for each of of the 6 sections of the drawer. good old quality in near mint to new, old stock condition.
199.408 $ 6.00Vintage dress crowns, 4 pink gold filled and 3 yellow gold filled, gents and ladies, nm/nos.
199.413 $ 18.00Yellow gold filled crowns lot, nice bulk lot with various styles from vintage 1930s to the 1980s, for American and Swiss watches, many for 1930s and 40s ww and small pocket/pendant watches, picture shows all the crowns in the lot but the color is bad in the picture, nos, clean stock.
199.416 $ 24.00Newall Vintage Waterproof Crown assortment for Swiss and American Watches, 36 bottle wooden case, many crowns are 1/10th 14KT gold filled, white, yellow and chromium types, some look like they will work on Mililtary cases, clean and great assortment to have handy.
199.421 $ 22.00Bestfit Crown assortment #8165, wristwatch styles of many kinds, the inventory is not always what the chart says, some bottles are mixed types. Clean stock, probably around 200 crowns.
199.422 $ 10.00SIX Pink gold filled dress crowns, tap 10, 5.85mm outer diameter, new, old quality.
199.423 $ 12.00Stone Crowns, dustproof, top quality, package of 9 pieces, 6 yellw metal and 3 white metal, all with stones, new in package. (Quantity 3)
199.431 $ 15.00Bestfit no. 880 Steel waterproof Crowns, Gents sizes, includes some Keystone crowns also which fit some Military models.8 bottles have stock andthere are 2 loose crowns as shown in the pic. Like new condition.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 200 - Pocket Watch parts lots

200.120 $ 7.00Bows for pendant watches, approx 0s- 3/0s, yellow gold filled, 3 oval and 2 fancy with screws, hard to find, old quality nos. (Quantity 8)
200.265 $ 3.00Pocket watch movement rings, 1 dozen assorted, mostly 18s to 12s with some down to 0s possible, very good used. (Quantity 6)
200.339 $ 4.00Nickel bows for pendant watch cases, Nuns watches, etc., 6 pc, new, old stock, oval, 9mm across and 6mm where it fits to the pendant. (Quantity 14)
200.410 $ 8.00Pivot Caps/Cylinder plugs/tampons, made to be a plug or pivot for cylinder staffs, $8.00 each as a replacement for damaged pivot caps in any part of a watch movement. Dress them down to suit your needs.8.Pc. (Quantity 2)
200.651 $ 5.00Case screws for some 6s American movements, nos, Swiss made, all the same, bulk, polished steel half (3/4) heads, clean, 12 pc. (Quantity 6)
200.670 $ 4.00Pocket Timer crowns, 5 pc., nos, chrome plated, nos, 10mm o.d., 7.1mm opening, 7mm deep. (Quantity 16)
200.826 $ 4.00Phenix 432 pocket timer parts lot, nos, includes set bridges, stems, winding pinions, clutch wheels, balance staffs and more, approx. 18 parts.
200.827 $ 4.00Complete push button assemblies for pocket timer cases, steel color, nos, 5 pc., up to 3 different sizes per pkg. are possible in each lot. (Quantity 45)
200.910 $ 18.00Polished steel crowns for pocket timers, 33+ pieces, nos, bulk, 5 or 6 different styles. (Quantity 8)
200.921 $ 36.00Bergeon No. 6715 assortment of 100 brass bushings for pw case pendant necks, NEW, p&i, boxed with 10 pc. each of 10 different sizes.
200.939 $ 10.00Nickel solid balance, 18s, no id, sr, no hs stud, total staff (bs) ht is 5.88mm approx.
200.961 $ 18.00Pocket timer side buttons, push buttons, etc, large lot of bags, p&i, nos, steel color.
200.968 $ 3.00Balance wheel screws, nos, p&i, one tin each for Elgin 12s and 0s and Waltham 6s and 0s, one tin has 3 screws, a couple have a dozen or so.
200.969 $ 15.00Clicks and yokes for Ingersoll Trenton and New York Standard pw models, nos, p&i, 20 or more packages from long closed material house, most have full p&i while a few may have only the Swartchild number.
200.1002 $ 5.00Pocket Timer or watch crowns, 6 pc., chrome or steel look, approx. 8.3mm o.d, 4mm opening, thread approx. 1.6mm, new. (Quantity 2)
200.1003 $ 5.00Pocket Timer or watch crowns, 6 pc., chrome or steel look, approx. 8.3mm o.d, 4mm opening, thread 1.5mm, slightly medium post, new. (Quantity 31)
200.1050 $ 5.00Barrel arbor bulk assortment, 30+ pc., at least 30 should be for pw. (Quantity 19)
200.1051 $ 5.00Bulk lot of pocket watch winding and setting, setting parts, used, 18s down to 0s and maybe some small clock ones too, approx. 30pc. + of pw sizes and the ww ones are thrown in but not counted. (Quantity 4)
200.1129 $ 5.00Bulk lot of 25 pocket watch barrels, barrel parts and winding wheels, used, 18s down to 0s and maybe some small clock ones too, approx. 25pc. of pw sizes. (Quantity 4)
200.1130 $ 18.00Elgin 12s parts lot, wheels, barrels and more, lots of train wheels. See picture.
200.1154 $ 12.00Twenty-Five dials for popular Swiss Pocket Timers, new never used from old stock, fits some Valjoux, Gallet, Brac and other factories and name brands, some have paint and some are screw on. Each lot has the 15 different pieces shown in the pictures and 10 others which may be some repeats and some different than the 15, lots of possibilities. Most are enamel look type, some metal with paint. There may be tiny surface flaws from handling since these are vintage models. Great for artists, jewelry and craft makers also.
200.1159 $ 12.00Gilt filigree minute hands with small hole for European type antique pw, 23 pieces, a couple of different styles, approx. 20mm from hole to tip, some have oxidation and should be cleaned or gilded. Picture is a sample of one card. All are same styles.
200.1160 $ 7.00Steel crowns or white plated, 4 pieces, nos, 9.4mm o.d., 7mm opening, 1.3mm thread. (Quantity 4)
200.1181 $ 10.00Gilt Cubist type pw hands, 12 pair on card, minute hand is 19mm long with the hole being approx. 1mm, hour hand hole is approx. 1.5mm and is 16mm long, nos, Swiss made.
200.1189 $ 8.00Elgin balance hole jewels in setting, 18s to 3/0s possible, 5 pc., bulk, nos. (Quantity 7)
200.1200 $ 15.00Swiss barrels for pw sizes with all/part or none of the geneva stopworks parts. Eleven of them, bulk lot.
200.1231 $ 14.00Hamilton 16s bridges, used as found, some jewels, winding parts, clicks, etc, 4 pieces per lot. Picture shows one of the lots. (Quantity 2)
200.1276 $ 19.00American pocket watch clicks, bulk lot, good used to nos, approx. 37 pc., mixed styles and sizes, possibly a few ww.
200.1277 $ 7.00American hour wheels, bulk assortment mostly pocket watch sizes, 20 pieces, most look like nos, brass. (Quantity 2)
200.1297 $ 7.00Gilt hands for 12s, 16s or Swiss similar sizes, 3 hour hands and 4 minute hands per lot, nos. Picture shows 2 of the 3 lots posted. (Quantity 4)
200.1299 $ 7.00Large train jewel in setting for very old pocket watches, 4.34mm o.d., vgc.
200.1311 $ 21.00Pocket watch crowns, 10 pieces, 16 size to 0 size, most are yellow, many are nos, listing 4 lots, all from the crowns pictured. (Quantity 3)
200.1314 $ 24.00Gilt pocket watch hands, all yellow, hour and minutes, assorted styles, bulk lot, no specific identification, approx. 100 pieces.
200.1316 $ 12.00Ten good used pocket watch case screws, American, bulk assortment.
200.1319 $ 15.00Antique highly Pierced gilt balance cock, approx. 36mm x 20mm.
200.1324 $ 14.00Elgin 16s used parts lot, includes barrel complete, ratchet wheel and screw, set of hands, center wheel, 3rd wheel and escape wheel, clutch wheel, cannon pinion, hour wheel and some screws, vgc.
200.1333 $ 15.00Balance cocks for American pocket watches, some missing parts and some complete as shown, 10 pieces.
200.1339 $ 24.00American pocket watch balance cocks, Eight of them, complete as shown in the picture, 18 size to 6 size, mostly Waltham and Elgin with some others, used. Just the jewels make it a good buy.
200.1351 $ 8.00Train wheel jewels in setting, 6 pieces, 2 different hole sizes, Settings measure 1.80mm diameter and 0.73mm thickness, new condition. These are G&Gs Miracle House #OR341 if anyone has any old flyers from them. (Quantity 6)
200.1356 $ 39.00Bulk lot on American pocket watch parts, used as found, Includes Elgin and Waltham kewwind parts, barrels, plates, wheels, 2 good single roller with jewel etc. as shown.
200.1364 $ 22.00Large lot of 18 size partial movements for parts, approx 14 ounces per lot which includes around 15 partials, lots of good parts still there. Grab bag assortments tend to be mostly Elgin and Waltham. (Quantity 3)
200.1365 $ 12.00American pocket watch barrels, 2 units in each lot, all have barrel, cap and arbor and some have a mainspring. 3 lots available are shown in the picture, most appear to be 16 size. (Quantity 3)
200.1366 $ 24.00American pocket watch barrels and mainspring, mainspring appears to be a Hamilton 992B type, white alloy, one barrel complete with cap and arbor and one barrel with cap, look like 16s, no identification, one ahs ratchet wheel also. Very good used condition.
200.1368 $ 12.00New York Standard 18 size and 6 size yokes from Swartchild old stock5 packages with Swartchild numbers.
200.1369 $ 5.00Trenton yokes from Swartchild old stock, 3 packages with Swartchild numbers.
200.1371 $ 18.00Keywind gilt hands, likely for Swiss models, 3 pair of 2 different sizes from approx. 18s, 16s and 12s, may have to alter the holes/squares to fit American, new from old stock with slight storage coloration.
200.1372 $ 18.00Keywind gilt hands, likely for Swiss models, 2 pair each of 2 different sizes from 16s and 12s, you may have to alter the holes/squares to fit American, new from old stock with slight storage coloration. These are the 2 smallest sizes in the sample picture.
200.1377 $ 19.00Illinois 18s top plate for 21 jewel model, has 4 hole jewels in settings and 2 cap jewels in settings plus screws, serial #1,381,658.
200.1380 $ 14.00Two larger window type hole jewels, one is 5mm outer diameter and the other is 4.85mm, very good used condition.
200.1382 $ 15.00American pocket watch balance cap jewels in settings, bulk lot, several sizes per lot of at least 12 pieces, excelent to very good used condition.
200.1390 $ 6.00One pair of 18 size blue hour and minute hands, hand hole sizes are approx. 2.40mm and 1.32mm, new, not vintage.
200.1397 $ 15.00Waltham mainspring barrel parts, bakers dozen as shown in the 2 lots pictured. Each lot is different. as shown, one has good white alloy mainspring, pocket watch sizes, used as found. (Quantity 2)
200.1398 $ 20.00Five reversible steel rings markes as 18 size, 16 s, 12s, 6s and 0 size, not sure of their use unless it is for fitting a smallet movement in the rings, solid steel, very good used condition.
200.1401 $ 10.00Twelve Case screws to fit many 0 size and 3/0 size American watches, Half head type, new stock from a closed supplier. (Quantity 11)
200.1402 $ 10.00Half head case screws for some 6 size pocket watches, blue steel, new from old stock, twelve screws
200.1403 $ 8.00Half head case screws for some 6 size pocket watches, steel, new from old stock, twelve screws. (Quantity 7)
200.1404 $ 18.00Yellow Crown assembly for some Keywind/key set cases, crown may be 14KT or a heavy gold filled. Look at the Picture to see if you can use it.
200.1409 $ 7.00Blue open moon style hands for some 12 size pocket wathes, new from old clean stock, 2 pair.
200.1413 $ 14.00One lot with 7 jewels, pocket watch sizes. More can be found at
200.1414 $ 12.006 size case screws with full heads, 10 screws, new, old stock, American. (Quantity 5)
200.1416 $ 15.00Bulk lot of 10 assorted springs for American pocket watches, as found, good mix, no identification.
200.1417 $ 8.00Single roller table with roller jewel, 4.75 mm outer diameter.
200.1421 $ 18.00Keyset hands, 18s, one minute hand with square hole and 1 hour hands, minute hand square is 1.5mm, hour hands average 2.5 mm hole size, for Elgin and other American Keywind/keyset, blue steel, old stock.
200.1422 $ 15.00Keyset hands, 18s, one minute hand with square hole and 1 hour hands, minute hand square is 1.5mm, hour hands average 2.5 mm hole size, very slight blue loss near hour hand hole, for Elgin and other American Keywind/key set movements. blue spade, new, from old stock. (Quantity 3)
200.1427 $ 20.00New England Watch Company parts lot, new in descripive packages, includes 4 escape wheels, 2 dozen Lever Springs for Hale D and 2 cannon pinions, hard to find parts.
200.1428 $ 24.00New England Watch Company parts lot, new in packages, includes winding arbors, winding arbors with pinion, Push springs, and dozens of click springs for 2 different models, Information on the very old packages. New parts, old stock. Most packages have multiple parts.
200.1432 $ 29.00Elgin 18 size Large lot of parts, pre-owned, mixture of wheels, bridges, Balance wheel parts and more as shown in picture. Most parts are for Elgin 18 size.
200.1437 $ 14.00Nine assorted good used jewels for pocket watches, 3 balance hole jewels, 3 balance cap jewels and 2 train wheel jewels, all in settings, no identification.
200.1443 $ 18.00Ingersoll Stems and crowns for Pocket and Wrist watches, like new.
200.1448 $ 10.00Half head case screws for 12 size pocket watches, 8 pieces, new, old stock. (Quantity 3)
200.1450 $ 20.00Round domed Glass Bulls Eye Crystal, 41.74 mm outer diameter, clean stock.
200.1451 $ 15.00Pocket WatchParts Lot, bulk, Elgin and Waltham parts, mostly for 18 size models, lots of train wheels and more as shown in the pic.
200.1452 $ 12.00Dial Washers for 12 size pocket watches, good amount, great looking old quality.
200.1454 $ 15.002 Balance staffs and one pocket watch stem in a bottle that says 16 size Ball, There is some slight rust on them. Priced as is.
ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 201 - Hand lots

201.147 $ 4.00Large bag of well over 100 new Swiss hour and minute hands, squared/straight type, new, have areas for buyer to use lumonus compounds. (Quantity 9)
201.257 $ 6.00Swiss sub second hands, gilt, regular post, for many 10 and 10 1/2 ligne models, one dozen, p&i. (Quantity 14)
201.260 $ 5.00Hands for ww, Bulk assortment of 50 pair, NOS, very clean, nice selection and great price. (Quantity 7)
201.286 $ 5.00Ingersoll Midget blue steel hands, nos, 3 pair of hour and minute hands.
201.457 $ 4.00Valjoux 7735 Black painted small seconds/indicator hands, 10 pieces, carded, 3mm long, new, old stock. (Quantity 2)